So you want to know where you stand in our pool, eh?  Well lucky for you, it's time for our annual Pre-Frozen Four Peak In The Pool.  That was peak, by the way.  Your question is answered in the post below.

So you want to know where you stand in our pool, eh?  Well lucky for you, it’s time for our annual “Pre-Frozen Four Peak In The Pool Posting for the Participants.”  That was “peak,” by the way.  The vital answer to your question is in the post below.

College Hockey Update:  Thanks for being in the pool; with 46 participants, this is the second most we’ve ever had, two more than the 44 in 2015, but two short of last year’s 48 participants.  With a couple of upsets, one quarter of the bracket was just bombed over the weekend, but I’m sure that the folks who’ve lost their teams will still be thrilled to watch the Frozen Four coming up, and will be thrilled for the eventual winner of the pool.  So who’s done oh so well so far in the pool?  Here we go; participants are ranked by the number of correct picks, with the highest number possible at this point being twelve:

10 OSchreader

9 Esposito, Hollywood

8 Huberty, Ide, O’Brien, Peterson, Reichel, Ryan, JSchreader, Schwichtenberg, Slaughter

7 Cattermole, Kramer, Kriesel, Kristie, Mattson, McLean, Rarden, Schmidt, Sell, Sempere, Shimshock, TShymanski, Thorsen, Wienbar

6 Allen, Bettendorf, Bricknell, Erdman, Fairbrother, Holte, DShymanski, Naughton, O’Connell, Rugani, GgSchreader, GnSchreader, Speare

5 Bogosian, Kisner, Krajan, Ramsey

4 Pastor

3 Cook, Michela

I must admit that this year we have a lot of sets of identical picks!  But don’t worry, we have our ways of getting a winner out of this thing.

And what’s it all about?  The wearable trophy, of course!  Has nyone in the San Diego area seen Jim Esposito sporting his around town?

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned, and go Terriers!

— Tom